Facial Treatments

Facial Treatment

Improve the health of your skin with our rejuvenating facials. All facials include a thorough consultation and skin analysis to ensure you achieve the best results.


DMK Skin Nutrition Facial
60 mins / $135
Healthy, youthful skin relies on vitamins, amino acids and proteins to maintain its optimum condition. DMK skin Nutrition facials are tailored to suit your skin concerns.


Hydro Boost Facial
45 mins $130/ 1 Hr/ $160

Using sound vibrations to remove dead skin cells and remove debris from the follicles. Followed by Sonophoresis (ultrasound waves) to penetrate hydrating serums into the skin, draining the toxins and stimulate collagen production.
Course of 6 (45mins) treatments $600 (save $120)

Dermal Lift Facial
45 mins $130/ 1 Hr / $160

Begin with sound vibrations to remove dead skin cells and remove debris from the follicles. Followed by radio frequency micro-currents to warm facial tissues for tissue regeneration, immediate rehydration and instant firming effect.
Course of 6 (45mins) treatments $600 (save $120)

Microdermabrasion Facial
30 mins / $120 1 Hr / $165
An effective skin polishing treatment using Crystal & Diamond Microdermabrasion to remove the dead skin cell build-up on the skin surface. Your skin is then treated Hydrabrasion to cleanse the skin further and provides hydration. The polishing tip gives skin additional radiance and smoothness!
Greenleaf Signature Facial
1 Hr $170
Your skin will be treated to a microdermabrasion and gentle peel for instant brightening and a moisture-quenching eye treatment to treat puffiness and fine lines. Relax with a stress relief scalp and we finish off with an infusion of hydrating serums into your skin to ensure skin radiance and vitality. A must try for facial lovers! .


Add-On Treatments

High Frequency

From $20

Milia Extractions
From $20

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment (includes stress relief scalp massage)
20 mins / $40

Eye Rescue Mask
Moisture-quenching eye treatment enriched with plant collagen, cellulose and algae extracts to treat fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and dehydration.