Clinical Skin Peels

Peeling (exfoliation) is a natural process. Chemical Peels in low concentration and with a buffered pH are the safest method of skin exfoliation. They accelerate the results of homecare products. A course of peels are a ‘proven best’ for younger looking skin. Your skin specialist can recommend what is best for your skin.

Glycolic Peel 

A 40% Glycolic Acid peel to soften lines, wrinkles and hydrate the skin and stimulate formation of collagen and elastin. Also recommended for mild photo damage acne.
Course of 6 treatments $450.

Reveal Peel

A modified Jessner solution containing a powerful blend of 35% AHA/BHA. Recommended for milk skin pigmentations, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and UV damage. Imrpoves skin texture and restores a fresh, smooth more youthful radiance to the skin.
Course of 6 treatments $450.

Advanced AHA Multi Layer Peel

This lactic peel packed with vitamins, gives multi-depth skin exfoliation, offering immediate radiance and brighter skin. Ideal for all skin types, especially for sun-damaged and dehydrated skins.
Course of 6 treatments $550

Idebonone Pro Peel

This peel is super intense and delivers unmatched, immediate skin radiance, softness and luminosity. It offers intensive moisturising properties, reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and photo damage.
Course of 6 treatments $650